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Publication and scientifical validation of the Peak Skin Dose (PSD) study

<a href="https://www.medsquare.com/en/radiationdosemonitor/">Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM)'s Peak Skin Dose module has been scientifically validated by the members of the AP-HP (Paris’ Hospital) and officially published in the journal of medical physics last August 2018. Congrats to the healthcare professionals of the four hospitals of the AP-HP group who conducted this study. Click here to read the abstract.

Medsquare wins the public tender launched by the French Cancer Center Institut Curie

Medsquare has been selected by the French Cancer Center Institut Curie for its patient dose management solution RDM. The establishment is the first Cancer Center in France to have launched a tender like this. With RDM, Medsquare becomes a key partner of three healthcare institutions: René Huguenin Hospital, Curie Hospital and Proton Therapy Center.

The European Georges Pompidou Hospital (HEGP) certified by the Eurosafe Imaging

Following a self-assessment, the department of radiology of the European Georges Pompidou Hospital (APHP) in Paris, is proud to have received the Eurosafe Imaging certification. The healthcare facility has met the criteria to get a 5-star rating. Indeed, having a dose monitoring solution is one of the criteria requested by the Eurosafe. In this case, the hospital benefits from a tool allowing a better patient care management. The HEGP has been using the Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM)’s dose monitoring solution for some time now and the audit has been done in conventional radiology, mammography. This complementary certification highlights the real culture regarding medical physics and radiation protection existing in the radiology department. As a reminder, the Eurosafe is an initiative launched by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) whose objective is to educate healthcare professionals not only on the medical imaging exposure issue but also on the importance of strengthening radiation protection across Europe.

Medsquare at the Paris Healthcare Week

Medsquare will be participating, on Carestream’s booth, at the next HIT (Health-ITExpo) exhibition of the Paris Healthcare Week which will be held on May 29 – 31 in Paris, Portes de Versailles. This will be the occasion to highlight Medsquare’s partnership with Carestream following the Krypton project won by the company in February 2018.

Did you know ? 10 February marks the anniversary of the death of Wilhelm Röntgen

The first and only European Day of Radiology (EDoR) was celebrated on 10 February 2011. Seven years later, Medsquare is taking the opportunity of this special date to recall the immense progress and benefits of medical imaging with regard to patient care. Organized by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the date of 10 February was chosen because it is the anniversary of the death of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the discoverer of X-rays. The EDoR was organized by the ESR, which has since collaborated with the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) to establish the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), celebrated annually on 8 November (the day Röntgen discovered X-rays). Watch this video created by the ESR in 2011, celebrating the achievements of medical imaging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xV4-rdoPSs

D-4: countdown to the Euratom Directive 2013/59 coming into effect

Only a few more days until the Euratom Directive 2013/59 comes into effect. Indeed, EU Member States have until 6 February 2018 to transpose the Directive into national law. Regulatory measures also will have to be adopted within the framework of the French legislation. Justification, optimization and quality management system: how can we meet these requirements? Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) is the solution for compliance with Euratom Directive 013/59 (learn more).

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