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February 28 - 4, 2018


ECR 2018 under the theme “Diverse and United”

As we do each year, Medsquare will be participating in this year’s European Congress of Radiology. Held in Vienna, from 28 February – 4 March, the ECR is a must-see event for medical imaging.
Under the theme ‘Diverse and United’, the President of the European Society of Radiology, Prof. Bernd Hamm, is drawing attention to radiology as a diversified specialty with the involvement of many actors in the profession. “Despite these different and interesting facets and sub-specialties, radiologists should see themselves as a community and join forces to strengthen our specialty in the best interests of our patients,” declares Prof. Bernd Hamm in a press release.

Unite strengths, even if there are differences − that’s the leitmotif of ECR 2018. As a reminder, Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) is the solution that brings healthcare professionals closer to each other (watch the video presentation of the DACS RDM). Of course, in addition to this theme, we will not forget to highlight another issue, namely the transposition of the Euratom Directive 2013/59. Indeed, 6 February 2018 is the deadline for the EU’s Member States to transpose the Directive into national law (read this document regarding the contribution of RDM in the context of the European directive).


On the agenda: new RDM features and Lama Hadid-Beurrier’s oral presentation

During the congress, we will introduce RDM’s new features, and Lama Hadid-Beurrier, medical physicist at the Lariboisiere Hospital, will give an oral presentation.

The ECR will be an ideal opportunity to present the latest version of the RDM solution, which includes these new features:

– Automatic dose report (Statistical Report and Patient Report)

– Organ dose: calculation of the organ dose in Nuclear Medicine and in scanner

– Effective dose: calculation of the effective dose in Nuclear Medicine and in scanner

– Simulation tools

– Pivot table: ability to have synthetic tables, which facilitate the interpretation and relevance of the dose data

Lama Hadid-Beurrier was selected by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) to present the study to validate RDM’s peak skin dose module. Lama will give her presentation on Thursday, 28 February.