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Dose management software increases CT Technologists’ Radiation Awareness


Written by : Karen Frangie - 11/04/16 - In Blog


Dose awareness among radiology staff is essential to optimize radiation dose delivered to patients.Real-time monitoring solutions are precious tools for healthcare professionals especially for CT technologists.

According to Health Imaging – a leading news website that reflects the clinical, informatics and practice management considerations involved with medical imaging – dose management software improves performance of CT technologists. A study conducted from the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in a Swiss’ hospital, showed that real-time monitoring of patient dose in CT examinations increases CT technologists’ dose awareness. A significant difference has been noted before and after implementation of the software. Based on this study, DACS solutions can help to cut the overall dose-notification in a half. The notifications were principally patient miscentering (45 percent before, 23 percent after), overweight patients (35 percent before, 49 percent after) and scanning repetition (10 percent before, 15 percent after). CT technologists’ awareness has therefore increased and led to a reduced number of dose notifications due to human error.

This study results can also go hand in hand with Cécile Salvat’s testimonial: “RDM’s user-friendly interface allows you to track, and enhance the reliability of, radiation dose exposure data in order to establish targeted corrective actions, as necessary”.

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