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ECR 2020 Virtual Exhibition: Medsquare will present the latest features of RDM

Medsquare will present the latest innovations of its Patient Dose Management solution − Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) − at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) digital event from 15 - 19 July. This new version of RDM brings a certain number of improvements, notably related to the interface, functionalities and technicality of the product. (more…)

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RDM : a complete solution designed for everyone involved in the dose cycle

Protecting patients from over-exposure to radiation is part of the daily life of healthcare professionals in medical imaging. Justification, optimization, ALARA’s approach – these principles are necessary to reduce the dose delivered to the patient. (more…)

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Covid-19: Medsquare, mobilized during the health crisis  to ensure the continuity of its activity

The exceptional situation due to the spread of the coronavirus – as well as recent government directives – have led Medsquare to take exceptional measures in order to continue to provide the best support to healthcare establishments during this period of serious health crisis. (more…)

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How to reduce the radiation dose in a CT scan? The example of the ‘Patient at Isocenter’ feature

Even today, finding the right balance between image quality and the radiation dose remains a core issue in medical imaging. Although medical imaging is one of the most useful modern medical tools, the use of ionizing rays in imaging undeniably entails various risks. (more…)

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