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Medsquare: digitized, certified and resolutely embracing the future


Written by : Karen Frangie - 12/07/21 - In Blog


Medsquare – specialist in solutions for the digitization, analysis and sharing of medical imaging data – is relying more than ever on quality and service to support healthcare professionals in the digitalization of their processes.

Medsquare bases its development on a solid Quality Management System (QMS), comparable to those that can be found in mid-sized companies, according to the Bureau Veritas who has just renewed the company’s ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

With these certifications, and its compliance with the new EU 2017/745 requirements on medical devices, Medsquare has confirmed itself as a trusted partner for the development of software solutions in the healthcare professions.

A quality system in line with the company’s ambitions

“The audit conducted by Bureau Veritas on April 14 and 15 highlighted two strengths that are particularly close to my heart,” explains Dominique Gabriel, President of Medsquare. “The first is the commitment of our entire team to implementing, maintaining and improving our QMS. The second is the level of reliability and fluidity of our quality processes, which the auditor said is generally found in companies with more than 600 employees. I wanted a quality system to match Medsquare’s ambitions and the relationship of trust we have with our customers and manufacturers of radiology equipment.”

Digital technology to support quality of service

Medsquare has also invested heavily in its own digital transformation to provide an ever more accessible, responsive and customized service.

Dominique Gabriel underlines the importance of this digital transformation and specifies the contributions of the investments made: “The ERP that we have put in place allows better centralization and security of data, as well as more fluid processing of information. Digitization brings transparency and traceability. It also allows us to guarantee our reactivity whatever the request formulated by our customers.”

Keep on improving, over and over again

Alain Gebrael, Quality Manager at Medsquare, underlines the importance of the commitment to improvement in ISO certification: “Every certified organization is committed to continuously improving each of its processes. It is through continuous improvement that our business can keep pace with the evolving technology, regulations, and needs of healthcare professionals – and, at the same time, organize to continue to grow.”

“Continuous improvement has been part of Medsquare’s DNA since the creation of the company in 2006. It facilitates our desire for excellence and allows us to align our QMS and our organization with our strategic vision,” concludes Dominique Gabriel.

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