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Medsquare supports the 10th edition of the International Day of Radiology #IDoR2021


Written by : Karen Frangie - 08/11/21 - In Blog


November 8 is a special date for the world of medical imaging, because it’s the International Day of Radiology (#IDoR2021). The date of November 8 was not chosen randomly, it is the day when Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the existence of X-rays in 1895. Organized by the main radiological societies, this day is a joint initiative of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), and the American College of Radiology (ACR). National radiology societies and their radiological sub-specialties will organize their own activities, such as conferences, open days, social media communications, and press events. This day aims to raise public awareness and highlight the role of healthcare professionals in medical imaging throughout the patient care journey.

Theme in the spotlight: “Interventional Radiology – Active care for the patient”

Focused this year on the theme of the Interventional Radiology – Active care for the patient, this day highlights the essential role this specialty plays in patient care. Thus, the organizing team invites national radiology societies, sub-specialties in the field, and healthcare professionals from around the world to celebrate this day by sharing their experiences not only in the fight against the coronavirus but also on a daily basis in the patient care journey.

The contribution of the DACS Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) solution in Interventional radiology

Following an interventional procedure, the patient has possibly received a high dose of radiation. There is a real need to assess the patient’s cumulative skin dose, especially after interventional radiology. The Peak Skin Dose module, integrated in the DACS Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM), contributes to better follow-up and better care of the patient from a dermatological point of view, while providing a complete dose history.

The Peak Skin Dose module has been scientifically validated by medical physicists from 4 hospitals of the AP-HP group (Paris’ hospitals).

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On the occasion of the IDoR2021, a poster has been created (find it below). Click here to check posters from old editions.

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