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Medsquare and Patient Dose Management at JFR 2018: Presenting the latest features of RDM


Written by : Karen Frangie - 04/10/18 - In Blog


Since February 2018, when Euratom Directive 2013/59 came into force, the regulatory context has evolved significantly in terms of risk management related to ionizing radiation. As the leading player in the patient dose management market, Medsquare will present the latest innovations in its patient dose management solution − Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) − at the French Radiology Congress (JFR), from 12 – 15 October in Paris (booth 233 – level 2).

1. Dashboard analytics
New RDM tool for interactive, fast and customizable statistical analysis:
• Patient dose data (visualization of possible radiation protection problems coming from a modality, drifts in procedures, etc.).
• Data related to the facility’s service (number of patients, distribution of requests, waiting time between each patient, etc.).

2. Calculation of the effective dose for all modalities

• Calculation of the effective dose in conventional and interventional radiology, mammography, scanner, and nuclear medicine, as well as for hybrid modalities (PET-CT, SPECT-CT).
• Calculations that respect the recommendations established to protect patients from radiation (including the recommendations of the ICRP).

3. Patient at isocenter in scanner

New feature that assesses the patient’s centering during the examination, reinforcing good professional practice (a patient shift with respect to the isocenter may influence the dose).

In parallel with the new features related to the interface, following major deployment projects (see JFR 2018 new features datasheet), Medsquare now offers technical advancements that qualify the company as an expert in its field.

The RDM radiation safety solution is fine-tuned to the various French hospital infrastructures and has already proven itself at the APHP (Paris Hospitals), the Nord Franche Comté Hospital, the University Hospitals of Reims, Nice, Grenoble, Nantes, and many others. RDM has also been deployed in several health facilities around the world − including Austria and Qatar − which adds to the company’s experience in deploying major projects and demonstrates high-level expertise. Saad Saad, Medsquare Project Manager, says: “The RDM deployment projects carried out this past year have highlighted the necessity of organizing in major structuring steps, which range from a technical feasibility audit to the implementation of RDM in the institution. Regardless of the size of the project and the number of modalities to connect, each of these steps is important, and together they provide a solid basis for thinking about deploying the solution successfully. In addition, our recognized expertise in complex multi-site projects enables Medsquare to meet the objectives requested by the healthcare institution”.

The adoption of an approach that incorporates continuous innovation, and the diversity of Medsquare’s experience feedback, position the company as a recognized expert in patient dose management. Medsquare’s passionate team of professionals accompany numerous healthcare institutions. Pascal Lacroix, Sales Manager France, states: “Providing an adapted and innovative solution that meets the daily challenges of healthcare facilities is the foundation of Medsquare’s offer. In addition, the proximity between customers and Medsquare’s teams is one of the main vectors for the success of our IT projects. Thanks to its organization and its size, the company can propose an individual approach, in which each one has complete knowledge of the customer”.

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