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Medsquare launches new website


Written by : Karen Frangie - 23/11/20 - In Blog


We are happy to announce the launch of our new website:! Since its creation in 2006, Medsquare has experienced constant evolution and considerable growth. To reflect our company today, we have given our website a thorough update. As Medsquare takes on a new dimension, we present our new website with simplified navigation and intuitive use.

New look, new website!
A website that reflects the image of Medsquare, promotes the work of our workforce, and offers visitors all the necessary information about our company, our solutions and news.

Medsquare has developed the new website with the following key features:

  • New design – based on a resolutely modern design, with bright and sober colors
  • Responsive – adapted to the use of different screen resolutions
  • Ergonomic – with simplified navigation for (re)discovering Medsquare in just a few clicks
  • Enriched – with the addition of new sections – About Us / Service / Partners – that reflect the essence of our company
  • Clear – with a single news space that includes events, blog, media and news

In addition, the new Medsquare website highlights the commitment, experience and skills of the Medsquare team. A versatile team that meets the needs of our customers and partners through the services we offer.

To discover Medsquare’s new website, visit:

New Medsquare Website – Launch Video

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