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Medsquare’s kick off meeting 2018


Written by : Karen Frangie - 29/01/18 - In Blog


From 16 – 18 January, on the occasion of the 2018 kick-off meeting, Medsquare was pleased to invite its employees to announce the official start of the New Year. A special opportunity to review the past year, to zoom in on the different departments, and to set objectives for 2018.

This year, Medsquare gathered its employees around several activities: sports team games and a mosaic workshop creating Medsquare’s logo. Each employee realized part of Medsquare’s logo fresco with precision and meticulousness. The group artwork was proudly displayed in the company, as a symbol of synergy and unity of work.

The kick-off ended with a team photo and a note from our CEO, Dominique Gabriel:

« For 2018, we have great ambitions, and our commitment to our customers and partners remains our top priority. At Medsquare, each customer is unique, each partner is unique, and so each relationship must be unique. Since its creation, Medsquare has remained a human-scale company composed of faithful employees. Increasing harmony, cohesion and combining well-being at work are levers of performance. To meet the challenges of tomorrow, it is our responsibility to implement a professional environment that allows us to achieve our economic objectives as our employees find fulfillment in their work. Thus, our success is primarily linked to the daily commitment of all employees to the service of their customers and partners − not only in France but also internationally − with the single unifying mission: to offer healthcare professionals a set of innovative solutions to help them provide the best possible quality of care and work on a daily basis, keeping the patient at the center of attention. It is with this ambition, and reliance on our historical know-how, that we want to develop our activity, in France as well as abroad, and to raise people’s awareness on important topics such as the dose in medical imaging. With all these projects awaiting us in 2018, Medsquare is resolutely turned towards the future. Thank you for your energy and confidence! »

kick off meeting 2018

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