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Toyo Medic receives training on RDM in Medsquare’s headquarters


Written by : Karen Frangie - 28/12/17 - In Blog


As part of the Medsquare – Toyo Medic partnership that was signed last August, the Japanese company visited Medsquare’s headquarters from 4 to 8 December in Paris. On this occasion, three Toyo Medic representatives benefited from a complete training on the Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) solution. Toyo Medic is a leading company in QA & Dosimetry, providing state-of-the-art technology solutions and quality technical support to healthcare facilities (hospitals and clinics) throughout Japan. The company works with more than 20 partners offering various solutions, including: Bone Densitometers, Medical Imaging Systems and Radiation Oncology QA and Dosimetry.

Medsquare has selected Toyo Medic as a distribution partner on the basis of several key criteria. “On the one hand, for the company’s affinity with the RDM solution. On the other hand, for its knowledge and marketing expertise with customers who are mainly medical physicists and therefore future RDM users. Recognized for their professionalism and responsiveness, we share with Toyo Medic the same strategic vision of the patient dose monitoring market. In addition, the company’s location in Japan is also an opportunity for Medsquare, whose ambition is to deploy the RDM solution outside of France,” said Dominique Gabriel, CEO Medsquare.

Yasuo Takanashi, a manager in the marketing team at Toyo Medic, adds: “Japan is one of the most CT Scanner-installed countries in the world. Our country’s recent significant growth of interest in the dose delivered to patients during radiological examinations has resulted in an increased demand for Patient Dose Monitoring Solutions (DACS). Yasuo also explains the reasons behind Toyo Medic’s decision to distribute Medsquare’s DACS solution: “RDM is an established software solution, with a large customer base, especially in EU countries. Compared to its competitors, RDM has superior qualities on several levels: it is compatible with all types of imaging modalities from all manufacturers, and it’s a customizable solution dedicated to all those responsible for the dose cycle (radiologists, technologists, department heads, and medical physicists). Furthermore, its architecture is Web-based, and multiple control screens can be used without multiplying the costs.”

Toyo Medic’s training program
During their comprehensive training earlier this month, the three Toyo Medic representatives learned all about the following aspects of the RDM solution:
• Prerequisites: Basics and Foundations of Medical Physics
• Technical aspects: installation and configuration of different tools
• Application: demonstration of the RDM solution (presentation of the interface and the various features)
• Sales aspects: pricing strategy and product positioning
• Communication: presentation of the supporting technical and marketing communications

In addition to the training, our Japanese partners also had the opportunity to visit a client site at Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital. This visit took place on 7 December in the presence of Bouchra Habib Geryes, a medical physicist at the hospital, who demonstrated her daily use of the RDM solution.
“The training week went very well and we are happy to have started our partnership with Medsquare,” says Takehiro Kuroda, Toyo Medic’s Sales Director. “We also had the opportunity to learn more about Medsquare itself, and we’re already exchanging views with them on a number of topics for the future.”

Collaboration driven by a dynamic market and national DRLs established since 2015
The patient dose monitoring market in Japan is experiencing real dynamism, driven since 2015 by the establishment − for the first time in the country − of national Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs). Indeed, several articles published on the website of the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) underline a real awareness by the country’s healthcare professionals of the need to strengthen patient radiation safety. In this favorable context, Toyo Medic was attracted by Medsquare’s RDM solution as the best way to support healthcare professionals in Japan.

The RDM solution: already installed at Toyo Medic
Already established at Toyo Medic, Medsquare provides reliable and personalized daily support to the Japanese company. “Medsquare provides Toyo Medic with a project manager to support the company in becoming proficient in using the RDM solution,” says Saad Saad, Project Manager Medsquare. “For the smooth running of the training program, proximity to the partner is an important concept at Medsquare. With our dedicated team, Toyo Medic’s personnel can be confident that they can quickly manage the RDM solution and receive assistance at any time to meet the needs of their customers.”

Dominique Gabriel, CEO of Medsquare, said: “This major strategic agreement allows Medsquare to continue to independently export its French know-how and also demonstrates the quality of the RDM solution offered by our teams. This partnership also marks Medsquare’s ability to adapt to international markets and the commitment of companies such as Toyo Medic to strengthen patient radiation safety.”

Medsquare - Toyo Medic

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