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ECR 2017 – another huge success for Medsquare!


Written by : Karen Frangie - 23/03/17 - In Blog


The European Radiology Congress (ECR), which took place from 1 to 5 March in Vienna, Austria, was once again a huge success for Medsquare. With ‘YOUTH’ as the theme of ECR 2017, the congress welcomed more than 21,000 participants and enabled numerous exchanges and meetings with clients and partners.
The exhibition was also the perfect opportunity to present Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM)’s latest features − especially in light of the approaching EU Directive.

RDM’s latest features presented at ECR 2017

• Peak Skin Dose Module: calculation of the PSD with a 2D or 3D graphic presentation.
• Organ dose Module in Partnership with Virtual Phantoms: Monte Carlo algorithm calculation of mean doses delivered to organs by type of activity using existing dose data (DLP, CTDI, etc.).
• Pivot Table: Creation of dynamic pivot tables, based on the different categories of the RDM solution − age, procedures, acquisition protocols, acquisition types, etc. − which can be created in a few clicks.
• New advanced statistics module: Allowing you to perform cross-dose data comparison.
• Powerful rules alerts: Implementation of specific alerts regarding a patient and/or his or her studies.
• Alert distribution: Allowing you to spread alerts over every day of the week.
• And many more!

Dominique Gabriel, President of Medsquare, confirms: “RDM is a turnkey IT solution dedicated to everyone responsible for the dose cycle − radiologists, heads of department, medical physicists and technologists. However, deploying the solution in the hospital is a major project, requiring upstream preparation and the mobilization of people from different departments: finance, imaging, biomedical and Healthcare IT. The Healthcare IT team is not only strongly involved in the implementation of the project (participation in pre-study meetings, communication of necessary information, etc.), but also contributes to the success of the deployment.”

In addition, patient dose was a hot topic and was presented in many scientific sessions of this year’s ECR. Florent Jault, Product Specialist at Medsquare, explains: “The golden rule in medical radiation safety is the justification of the act and its optimization, which RDM does really naturally. The dose has been a key issue since the publication of the European directive. Not only is the DACS RDM solution intuitive and ergonomic, it meets both the expectations of healthcare professionals and the regulatory requirements.

With RDM, Medsquare is preparing healthcare institutions to be ready before 6 February 2018 (the EU Directive’s National Compliance Deadline) by supporting hospitals in improving delivery of patient care and promoting compliance.”

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