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Medsquare and Patient Dose Management at JFR 2019: Presenting the latest features of RDM


Written by : Karen Frangie - 07/10/19 - In Blog


Medsquare will present the latest innovations of its Patient Dose Management solution − Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) − at the French Radiology Congress (JFR), from 11 – 14 October in Paris (booth 233 – level 2). This new version of RDM brings a certain number of improvements, notably related to the interface, functionalities and technicality of the product.

1. Dashboard analytics
The Dashboard Analytics tool is our new web platform for the development of statistics dashboards. The platform is similar to BI (Business Intelligence) applied to the world of patient radiation safety (patient dose monitoring).
The new Dashboard Analytics tool accompanies the RDM solution, which enables interactive, fast and customizable statistical analysis per facility:
• Patient dose data (visualization of possible radiation protection problems coming from a modality, drifts in procedures, etc.).
• Data related to the facility’s service (number of patients, distribution of requests, waiting time between each patient, etc.).

Unlike other BI solutions, RDM Dashboard Analytics has an innovative cache system that allows you to analyze multiple years of dose data quickly, smoothly and without limitations.

This cache system is recreated daily by querying the RDM database to always reflect the latest data collected by RDM, with alert levels in place.

2. Ergonomic enhancements and simplifications for the user

Improvements were made at the interface level:
• Justification: possibility to select multiple comments to justify an overexposure
• Reassignment: ability to add or to reassign the physician for a study
• Exportation of anonymized studies directly from the interface facilitating the exchange of patient dose data between sites and institutions
• One-click access from RDM to the Dashboard Analytics tool

In parallel with the new features related to the interface, Medsquare now offers advances in the recovery of additional DICOM fields. Saad Saad, Medsquare Project Manager, says: “With the development team, we’ve gone even further in recovering patient dose values. For better patient dose management, professionals now have additional data that allows them not only to optimize acquisition protocols and image quality, but also to standardize examination procedures. These advances are part of an initiative to raise healthcare professionals’ awareness concerning protecting patients from radiation – a process that has been at the heart of our activity since 2010.”

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