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Testimonial on Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) from APHP


Written by : Karen Frangie - 13/02/17 - In Blog


Marie-Joséphine Waryn, medical physicist at APHP, uses Medsquare’s Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) in her hospital group and provided this testimony.

“Since 2012, our hospital group has had a patient dose tracking solution (initially, DoseWatch by GE Healthcare Company) installed on three scanners and in an interventional radiology room. In 2015, following a public tender, a new dose management software solution, called Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) by Medsquare, has been installed on these four machines and on other equipment in the hospital group. Medsquare has been able to retrieve all of the patient data from the previous DACS* and transfer them into the RDM software without disrupting the users. The result is that we now have a complete database, starting from 2012, on our hospital group’s RDM solution.”

Marie-Joséphine WARYN, Medical Physicist, PhD
University Hospitals of Paris Seine St Denis (APHP)
Department of Radiation Safety
Medical Physics Service

Avicenne Hospital (APHP)
Department of Nuclear Medicine & Radiology
125 rue de Stalingrad
93000 Bobigny

Jean Verdier Hospital (APHP)

Department of Radiology
Avenue du 14 juillet
93140 Bondy

*DACS: Dose Archiving and Communication System

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