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University Hospital of Reims : Users’ experience of RDM


Written by : Karen Frangie - 25/08/19 - In Blog


Laurent Faroux, interventional cardiologist, and Thierry Blanpain, radiographer, at the University Hospital of Reims give their testimony on their use of the Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) solution.

In your opinion, what are the main benefits of RDM solution?

Thierry Blanpain : « We have been using the RDM solution at the University Hospital of Reims since 2015, and we’ve seen that it’s a real added value on a daily basis for our interventional cardiology clinical activity, especially in radiation protection. Using the software is relatively easy, the patient dose data is transferred automatically from the radiological equipment. Each patient is recorded in the DACS RDM. So, at any time, we can visualize the dose that a patient has received from several radiological examinations and at different sites in the hospital. »

Dr Laurent Faroux : « The RDM solution is a fantastic tool for clinical research. Not only does it gather dose data information such as fluoroscopy time, air kerma, DAP and other information for each study – when we look further, using the solution also collects information in fluoroscopy on each foot pedal, with the exact position of the tube, the table, and the flat panel detector, enabling us to collect all of these data in order to make fine explorations.»

Learn more on this video:

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